Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer's theree...

How do you know that summer is finally there?
Look at the sky and watch the cloudless sky...
Or step into my room and see what I've been planning for this vacation!

I know what you're thinking: 'This kid knows how to party!'
Well, what can I do? Quoting ke -dollar sign- ha, 'The party don't start 'till I walk in!'

Endless piles of movies, shows, mangas and books...
God bless those one-dollar DVD shops.

So many things to do and I finally have time on my hands :))

But don't worry, my summer is not all about, let's call it, broadening my personnal culture..
I have to get ready for my SATs and I have a couple of camps and all that stuff other kids do.

I hope you're all having a great summer vacation, if yours have started yet.
If it hasn't, I'm sure you're having a blast getting ready for those finals when everyone else is at the beach being sexy under the shining sun.
Well, what is everyone planning? :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)

Imagine Katy Perry, Rebecca Black, Darren Criss and Kevin McHale in one music video...

A disaster you must think.

Well, this is definitely going to change your mind!
Kary Perry's new music video, Last Friday Night, is hilarious in every possible way!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Join the Wild Side...

Have any of you ever been asked for an ID before buying alcohol?
Of course not! Lachou?
In Lebanon, anyone can buy as much alcohol as he wants without worrying about this.

I asked a waiter who served my friends beer about it once. He said nobody could get drunk on a beer! Sounds logic... But while shopping for a party (the cart was full of tequila, vodka and beer) the cashier didn't even look at us. And trust me, you could have easily gotten drunk on that...

Anyway, it isn't even about getting drunk or not. Isn't it just wrong for any kid to just walk in a shop or a pub and get a drink with no question asked?

Some people have realized that and try to take care...
Every Tuesday is open wings and beer night at Shtrumpf, but when we asked for our beers the waiter said he couldn't serve us unless we all have an ID. Why? They once served a group of teenagers who got drunk on beer and completely destroyed the restaurant.
So, that's what it took!

But right behind us were some girls our age... with beers! When we asked the waiter about it, he turned white!
He said they looked 20 and that anyway, he can't ask a women for an ID! Then he started panicking about the manager finding out... Oops?

Anyway, isn't unfair for us guys?
Girls can just wear high heels, put some make up on and go get whatever they wants!
And trust me with some tight (very short) shorts and a tiny white shirt, they can get so much more...
What can guys do? Get a fake mustache or something?

Ironically, I think adults drinking is much more dangerous than kids drinking!
Kids can't drive! There goes one of the most dangerous part of drinking.

Also, dunk kids are like the funniest thing ever!
According to Finn on Glee:
Guys and girls fall into certain archetypes when they get drunk.
Exhibit A - Santana, the weepy hysterical drunk.
Lauren Zizes and Quinn... The anger girls drunk!
Brittany, also known as the girl who turns into a stripper drunk.
Mercedes and Santana, the happy girls drunk.
Rachel... Right now you're being the needy girl drunk!
Happy girl drunk! That's most of my friends... They get hyper, dance like lizards and laugh at every little thing. It's also hilarious to hang out with them cause they turn stupid and say the funniest things! And also, you can make them believe, anything. 

The girl who turns into a stripper? Never seen that... Actually, it's mostly guys who turn into strippers for me! Apparently, being drunk make them feel sexy, getting their shirts off and stuff. Oh, what alcohol can do! If only they were hot, wouldn't it be wonderful?

The needy girl drunk! That's a fun one. So I wake up a morning and read a text from Samir "Man, I've made out the whole night with the hottest girl ever! It was the sexiest party, I swear! But I can't even remember her face..."
Half an hour later, another text from Samira "Karim! I was so wasted and mad and I think I was making out with Samir all night long! Kill me now!"
Yes, Samir and Samira are best friends. They were so drunk they needed to get their tongue down someone's throat... Anyone's throat... Hah.
(Yes, Samir and Samira are fake names) 

As for me? I'm a mix of weepy/wise man drunk.
After a couple of shots, I sit in my corner and start to stare at everyone.
Shots, shots, shots... I am tearing up, still in my corner, alone.
Shots, shots, shots... I am looking for someone to talk to. I start sharing my theories on life, existential questions, religion, sexuality...

But that doesn't happen often! I hate the taste of vodka or beer. All I drink is tequila! I even have my own shot glass and mini-sombrero! Hiyah

Yup, it's not alcohol that will make my party wilder.
Something else can though...

So what kind of drunk are you? What drunk experiences do you have to share? (And by that I mean the one you can't share) ;)

What crazy things have you done? 

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