Saturday, September 1, 2012

Senior Year

Well, I really don't know what to write because senior year hasn't started yet. But it will, in 3 days. And I don't want it to, because if it starts, I will realize that it will someday end.

I know how emotionally charged these 9 month are going to be, I can see all the tears, the joy, the fun, the goodbyes... All these are necessary for us to move to the next step.

And as much as I was looking forward to college, I kind of feel safe in my routine.
It's crazy... All this seemed so far away in my mind. I would have never thought about all this a week ago but it all comes to me now. It's just crazy...


  1. And this is just the beginning. At some point, you'll even ask yourself why you ever wanted to get out of this country. Stay strong,
    Love from Paris.

    1. It feels like the end, though...
      Thank you for your comment, I can feel that day coming already

  2. Don't worry. Once the year it ends, you'll forget about in two to three weeks.
    BTW, kudos on the forum. A lot of people talked about doing smthn like that for years (mostly teens) but nothing ever came out.

    1. Who said I wanted to forget?
      Why didn't you create an account yet?

      (Too many questions, huh?)