Monday, April 29, 2013

Marathon for Equality.

I can't stop stressing about how important it is to raise your voice, to speak out.
It helps you let go of your emotions and lets others identify to your story. 
Now is the perfect time to do so.

Join the Marathon for Equality!

If you're short on inspiration, just read what happened in Dekwaneh again and let that anger control your fingers. Write about homophobia, the LGBT community in Lebanon. Share anything you feel like sharing.
If you still can't find inspiration, think about food! (It seems to always work for me...) The three submissions with the highest number of "Likes" will win a dinner for two at Bardo.
Once you're done, send your article to to share it on the LebIDAHO website and the Lebanese LGBT Monitor.

Winners will be announced on the 17th of May, the International Day Against Homophobia.

Don't forget to spread the word. Use the hashtags #LebLGBT and #DekAbuse.


  1. My dearest Karim,
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I'm happy someone like me is going to survive in this world and is trying to make a difference. I'm still unfortunately very pessimistic about my future and I fear that homophobia is not a problem that will be solved in our time.
    Anyways, my dear math and Japanese geek, wether you find out who I am or not, know that you helped me a lot. I never had someone to talk to so I confided in your blog and waited impatiently for your next post to appear. I'm happy that you found your escape but sad that you're leaving. At many times I actually wanted to go and tell you who I am, tell you my secret but I never dared. Now it's too late. I just wanted you to know that your blog helped.
    A friens

    1. Thank you for your amazing comment. We are all trying to make a difference and every little step we take matters. I'm sad to hear that you are being pessimistic because everything you do is for the best and your situation can only evolve positively. It's getting really cliche to say that but it does gets better, it really does. Even if homophobia is not going to be solved in our time, everything we do is not for ourselves but for everyone that is coming after us. Just imagine all the work our ancestors did to get us to where we are today, wouldn't you want to contribute to society in that way too?
      I don't want to find out who you are, I want you to come up to me and tell me, whether it is tomorrow, in a month or in 10 years. I'm glad my blog helped you but everything you did so far, you did by yourself: never forget that. Don't be sad that I'm leaving because it is not something I want, it is something I need.
      It's never too late: I'm still waiting for you to talk to me. I'm here to listen.
      Best of luck with everything.

  2. I can't believe I'm quoting Ke$ha right now but as the chorus from Warrior goes "Fight for the fuck up. Stand up for true love."
    This comment sounded so much cooler in my head.