Thursday, January 31, 2013

Humans of the World

I have been tweeting about Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York for months now but some things are too good to be shared on Twitter exclusively.
When I really like something it ends up on every social network page I own, so here we go.

This TEDx Talk was given at Columbia and these truly were the most inspiring 15 minutes of my life.
If I could sum it all up, it's  about how the media is a business like any other: it shows you what you want to see.
We all know that deep down but never try to see the other side of the story. This is where Brandon's portraits come in.

Now what do you think about when I say "Lebanon"?
Kids playing in the souks? An old lady walking in the streets of Ashrafieh? A man and his tarboosh selling kaak or coffee on the street?

Well, this is exactly the kind of pictures you will find on Humans of Lebanon. This is how you know the people behind it failed to grasp HONY's idea which they were apparently inspired by.
I hope the page is going to evolve and show more of the Lebanon we do not know.

Don't get me wrong, I'm always happy to see a portrait on my Facebook timeline. Humans are awesome no matter what.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Year of Karim

I take New Year resolutions very seriously.

2012 was all about discovering my world and trying new things.
Since all my friends felt like leaving Lebanon at the same exact moment this summer, I was left alone in Beirut. This is how I discovered the city, by walking aimlessly in the streets with my laptop and a book. I got lost quite often but it was worth it. The camping and the hiking also helped since I got to discover the hidden beauty of the lost and abandoned wonders of Lebanon.
The year was also full of first times, things I never imagined would have happened. And I don't regret a thing.

And here comes 2013, the year during which I graduate from high-school. It is already meant to be amazing so I thought of the perfect resolution: Build unforgettable memories.
So when my friend got me an awesome Polaroid, I immediately started taking pictures of everything we do, whenever we go out. The plan is to fill a whole wall with these.

Also, luck seems to be on my side.
Yesterday, we had the traditional New Year lunch at our place with the whole family (and by that I mean no less than 50 people). So, like every year, mom hides 3 coins in her famous and delicious kebbeh arnabiyyeh and look what I found in my plate...

This means that 2013 is going to be as awesome as expected!