Sunday, November 27, 2011

Identity Crisis: The Nationality Dilemma

A year ago, a friend of mine visited minors in jail. She told me she met some guys who were sent there because they were gay and I though, "How messed up can this country be?"...
During this independence day, somehow, the flags, the tarboosh, the sherwels reminded me of something.  

I am Lebanese. I have always been and will always be Lebanese.
I might not be able to build a family here but this land is my land.

And this is how I realized that my nationality is very similar to my sexuality.
Hard to accept at first, but once you understand it, a true blessing.

So this, my friends, is why I waved the flag so high, this is why I wore my tarboosh so proudly.
You can say all the shit you want about this independence being a joke, but this is why I celebrate the Lebanese independence.

Just because, I am Lebanese.