Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bursting the Bubble

We all live a redundant routine. We get attached to that routine. It makes us feel safe. Then something comes up, and you have to abandon that routine. You get used to something new and create a new routine.
Then, reality hits you back and you go back to the same old habits.

These holidays have been wonderful.
Waking up at 12, going out at 1, just walking around with my laptop, a couple of books and of course, an umbrella (Forgot it once, regretted it the rest of the day). Just walking around in Ashrafieh, getting lost, finding my way back. Sitting, getting a coffee, writing, working, reading. Alone.
Go back home around 5, eat, go back out, walk. Alone.
Come back home around midnight, sleep.

I totally fell in love with that 'lifestyle'. I just felt like a homeless guy for a couple of weeks and it was awesome. I saw new faces, been to places I've never been to before. School, home, friends, I just couldn't stand doing the same thing over and over again.
I still haven't got tired of that. I wish I could still go out all day and do nothing and just stare at stranger and chill.
I just burst my bubble and I'm glad I did.

Tomorrow, I go back to school, back to my routine. I'm afraid I won't have time to spend days just chilling. But, oh well... My laziness has its limit.
It's just that, I discovered so much things. When you're all alone, you can see everything, it's all clear.
We all have these awkward moments when we think about life and all before sleeping. Just imagine doing this all day long.

These holidays have been enlightening and I just wish that my routine isn't going to stop me from having some alone me-time.
I don't want this bubble to ever built itself around me ever again.


  1. I had the exact same feeling last Sunday when I was about to go back to work after a two week vacation! The break from routine was amazing and a really nice breath of fresh air. And now..getting back to the old routine is really difficult.

  2. Ah well, at least we enjoyed our holidays while it lasted...
    Why am I just discovering your blog, by the way?
    It's the cutest thing ever! :)