Saturday, February 11, 2012

Using Diversity.

I am in a friendly, discrimination-free environment where diversity is not only accepted, but also praised.
I am with very competitive people who always look for someone who will stand out, someone who is different.

Scenario 1: 
I hide my sexuality, or just don't mention it.
Gay men and straight men are equal. Isn't equality what we keep fighting for?
Being gay is indeed an advantage, but I will not use it.
Does this make me an idiot who can't make a smart move to win, or does it make me an honest man who asks for equality and acts upon his demand?

Scenario 2: 
I talk about my sexuality and my experiences.
I've been through a lot because of it, from discrimination to bullying, and this gives me an advantage that I should use.
People will remember me and I will get their attention.
Does this make me an attention-seeking competitive bitch, or does it make a smart man who can use everything to his advantage?

I am asking for your opinion because I had to take this choice more than once and never really got close to a decision. I will face this dilemma very often and I need to think about it, I just wanted to see what you would do or what you did in this situation.

Gay men are not straight men.
Gay men do not want to be treated like straight men.
Should we praise this difference or not?

There is a sharp difference between equality and equal rights.
Which one should we ask for?

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Graffiti

There are two kinds of New Year resolutions, the sober ones, and the drunk ones.
My drunk New Year resolution was to leave a footprint on Beirut's wall, share a message of love and peace.

Finding the idea was quite easy, V for Vendetta, of course!
Even if I do not know you, I love you, from all my heart. - Valerie.
First thing I did next morning was to call LM.
She immediately came up with a great idea.
She turned this famous photograph (I don't know how famous it is, she's the only one who actually knows it)

Into this awesome design:

Now the real challenge was the painting.
She was just calm, chill and relaxed.
I was excited, stressed and scared.
What if someone sees us? What if they call the police? What if we get arrested?
Hah, ah well. I was surprised to see that Lebanese people do not give a single fuck about what you do.
A lot of people passed and did not even notice what we were doing.
A guy, who looked like a tourist, stopped and watched us paint for a while.
Two other Lebanese guys randomly said 'Ya3tikon el 3afyeh'.
Everyone else was just indifferent.

The result was quite amazing, hope you guys like it.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Pill.

I love how curious straight people are. Once they find out you're gay, they start asking so many questions. It's funny to see what can pass through people's mind.

But I won't be talking about the questions I get today, no. I will be talking about a question I often hear or read about, but have never been asked.

'If there was a pill that can turn you straight, would you take it?'

Well, if you asked me that a couple of years ago, my answer would have been a big yes.

But over the years, I thought about it and now, there is no way you can convince me to take this pill. 

First of all, I've always been gay. For me it has never been 'straight until proven otherwise'. I've always known I was gay, I might not have been able to give it a name or say it out loud when I was a kid, but I have always known, and I cannot possibly imagine myself being straight. I just can't.

But what changed during the last couple of years is that I discovered what the LGBT community is all about. You might hear stories about suicides, depressions, you might hear stories about people being kicked out of their homes, people being killed because of their sexuality, you might hear stories about gay celebrities, gay men and women who changed the world, but all these stories, the good and the bad, they all are stories of strength and courage.

So, will I ever take the pill? No, because being associated with the LGBT community is nothing but an honor.

When 'It Gets Better' Gets Musical

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