Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Transition

This is how my life feels right now. This totally useless phase you have to go through even if you don’t know why.

You have to sort all your possessions in three different categories. The things you want to take, the things you want to leave for later in life and the things you will never need.
You have to sort your memories in your mind. Forget and let go of all the boring details of your past but cherish the moments that shaped you, let them leave their scar.
You have to sort the people around you. The ones who don’t need to know where you’re going and what you’re going to do, the ones who need only a simple goodbye and the ones you have to spend as much time as you can with because you can’t really say goodbye.

But there is the laziness, this complete and utter indifference that you feel towards your duties.
So you do nothing.

You go back to your calendar.
27th of March. Four months, twenty days left.

Go back to square one and repeat for the next 143 days.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Siblings

The sister: “Oh really? I’ve known for two years! Oh, and I kind of read your blog…”

The brother: “Wow. So you like dicks as much as I like pussies…. That’s weird! Oh and, you know that half my friends are gay, that’s cool… Oh and, you know that you should always protect yourself… Oh and, you know that… “
(Yeah, we might have been both drunk at the time. It was a fun conversation)

When your brother is the person you always set as a role model, when your sister is an inspiration to you, when you have siblings who love you that much, I feel stupid for taking that long to come out to them.
Now, whenever my father starts with his hate speeches, I will have someone to look after me, someone to prove that everything my father believes is wrong, someone to act…