Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gaydrobe Item #1: The Shirt

V-neck shirts are the sexiest thing ever.
Unfortunately, I rarely see guys wearing these.

The thing is, V-neck shirts are stylish. And men are not supposed to be stylish. Oh no!
Real men wear suits and nothing else!
Gay men, on the other hand, are stylish.
Therefore, V-neck shirts are gay.

Makes sense doesn't it?
Well no this is completely stubborn.
If being sexy is gay now I'm afraid to the human race lost all its chance of procreating.

Another thing I've noticed is that French guys have this thing with V-necks. It's like their national shirt or something.
And I find this totally hot.
I mean, an accent and a V-neck. Too much for me.

Anyway, for all those straight guys out these, go shopping now and wear those V-necks with pride! Cause those shirts will bring all the girls (and boys) to the yard.

Next Gaydrobe: The Pants.
Can you guess?

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