Friday, July 22, 2011

Hanging On

With my brother halfway across the world and my sister barely spending time at home and leaving in a couple of days, my mom is jumping on every occasion to hang out with me.
We're having lunch together, she's taking me to dinner and to every minor event she might be interested in.
She's trying to make me feel bad every time I leave her alone.
She even watches Brothers and Sisters with the volume up in the living room to try to lure me out of my room!
Not fun, not fun...

I get it, she is watching the kids she raised for 20 years leave her but that's no reason to grab me and lock me in the house.
I even came back home once cause she was alone and said she missed me. When I got there, I couldn't find her and when I called her I found out she had some plans with her friends... That's just mean!

And after all that, she is trying to convince me to stay in Lebanon after school.
No actually, she's not trying to convince me, she is just implying it like we agreed on it.

It's not that I'm having my adolescent crisis, hating my parents for no apparent reason!
I love my mom.
She's the one having some kind of crisis and now I'm afraid to leave her alone...

I'm going camping for a week and I hope she has something to keep her busy!
Anyway when I come back from that, my sister will be back too and she'll Skype with my brother or something and hopefully things will go back to normal.


  1. ahh yes.. the guilt of the Lebanese parent on the child .. so strong and heavy

  2. Hehe, strong and heavy indeed!