Monday, October 3, 2011

To Fight or Not To Fight?

Let's set the background: Catholic school, religion class every week, priests talking about God'ish stuff.

I've had the luck to get the coolest religion teachers through the years: Last year,  guy who failed to become a priest (I have no idea how he did that); and this year, an open-minded French women.
However, a friend of mine got the mean grumpy fanatic priest who pukes rosaries and shoot crosses out of his... hm... eyes.

That friend of mine?
If you watch Will & Grace, she's Grace.
If you don't, she's a gay man, whose purpose in life is to find the perfect gay husband.
Let's call her Grace.

So, that priest had the bad idea to talk about homosexuality.
"In a corrupted country, during wartime, the number of pedophiles and homosexuals rises dramatically."

I don't even want to picture what happened in Grace's head at that time.
And that is how the 50-minute argument about gay rights started.

When she came back to class she was so mad, shaking, screaming and tearing up.
What did he say, what did she say? Oh, the usual. Love versus Hate, Reason versus Religion, Open-Mindness versus Stubbornness.

It is, however, what she said to me that got me thinking.
When I asked why did she give the poor idiot attention, why did she fight, when she knew that he wasn't going to change his mind about anything, she said "You gave up, I didn't."

Did I? Did I just give up?
If I were in her situation I would just have randomly commented and gave the guy a I-just-killed-you-40-different-times-inside-my-head-and-it-ain't-pretty look.
(I have a lot of looks.)

He gave his life to the dude in heavens, he's a priest.
How are some 16-year-old kids going to change his whole life?

He's an idiot. He's stubborn.
His ideas about gay people are never going to affect me.

Now if one of my friend said something like that, he/she would have been cut into tiny pieces and buried under a rainbow.

Yes, I lost my faith in these old Lebanese narrow-minded guys that think they got everything right.
Is it a bad thing?

They don't deserve my time or effort.
They're just gonna rot in rainbow-hell, burned by the rainbow-flames and eaten by the rainbow-devils and I'm gonna forget all about them cause I'll be far far away in rainbow-heaven, where the rainbow-sun is shining and the rainbow-birds are singing.


  1. Don't bother with changing opinions of people you barely know. That's tripled when it's an exchange with an adult.

    Shta2nelak wle ;P

  2. That's bajillionned when it's an exchange with a priest.

    Shta2na indeed busy nerd.