Friday, April 8, 2011

The Nerdy Side of Mine

Rubik's Cube. My new obsession.
I learned how to solve these over a year ago but I still can't stop myself from grabbing a cube every time I sit at my desk.

It started with a small cube I bought from a "dekken".
And this is what the tiny cube led to...

My Rubik's cube collection.

The ridiculous part is that you can't find the original cubes in Lebanon, so I had to get these delivered from Canada (which cost me twice the price).

So, you can see two 3x3 cubes, two 4x4 cubes, a 2x2 and a 5x5 (I have no idea how to solve that one so it's still scrambled). The one in the back is actually a stress-ball and was a gift :-)

It is actually pretty easy to solve. You can learn on the internet in a couple of hours.
A friend taught me the basics but I looked for the algorithms myself.

In a week I managed to solve the original cube (3x3) in under a minute and now I can easily get to 30-40 seconds :-D My personal record: 28 seconds (which is far from the 7 seconds world record).

I also have the whole do-it-yourself kit with extra stickers, pieces and lube (not the one you buy in sex shops). So I can just disassemble the whole thing and build it again to fix the tension and make it spin faster.

Hmm, yeah. That is one of my rather creepy side. :-)


  1. Where did you get the rubic cubes from? I want ones but I can't find good ones here, I found one of those stupid ones with stickers on them. btw you added me on the wrong e-mail, I made just an msn username for people to talk to me on, I sign on whenever I can but generally twice a week, wednesdays and fridays, between 7 and 9. its

  2. All Rubik's cube have stickers on them :-P

    If you don't want to buy any online you can check Le Joueur - Tabaris. They have original cubes for $30 but it's not the do-it-yourself version which means that you can't disassemble it.

    You can also go to and check their store. You will find the do-it-yourself version with extra stickers & lube.

    The white ones in the picture are Eastsheen cubes (which uses a different technology and spin faster) but they do not make any 3x3 cubes. I bought these on eBay. :-)

    Thanks for the mail!

  3. How is this creepy?
    This is just...wait for it...wait for it.


    A friend of mine did it in 13 seconds...
    I was dumbfounded for the whole afternoon.

  4. I agree with lebagaga it is awesome and I know they do have stickers on them but I meant the cheap thrown in the sewers and picked up again version, they looked and even SMELLED dirty, maybe cause of all the hands grabbing them, it was at a one dollar store :P

  5. @LebaGaGa: :D :D
    I am so jealous of your friendd!! You have to memorize like 50+ algorithms to do it in less than 30 seconds :( I am too lazy...

    @UndiscoveredGirl: Ew.
    One dollar stores fascinate me! Really, the randomness of things you find there... wow.