Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Talk About... Sex!

Why is a 16-year-old kid talking about sex?

1- I think we are lucky to have a doctor that comes every year at school to talk about sex and STDs. Rare are the schools that does that. Now of course, we haven't reached the point where the doctor starts talking about gay sex, but at least she keeps religion out of the topic, even if we're in a Catholic school.
2- Apparently, some people think that teenagers should know nothing about sex and never talk about it...
3- My friend's mom said that gay people tend to feel lonely, especially in Lebanon where finding someone is so hard. She said that sometime your loneliness reaches a point where you would just hook up with anybody. I do not completely agree but there's some truth in that.

Why are gay men more exposed to STDs? 

Anal sex is the riskier sex act. It is riskier than both vaginal or oral sex whether it is penetrative or receptive... or whether you're top or bottom.

How to protect yourself? (Anal sex)

Always ask your partner about his health history!
Some STDs can be treated with antibiotics, but the risk exists until the treatment is complete.
If you are HIV+ you should share it with your partner, don't wait for him to ask. If both of you are HIV+, you'll still have to take some precautions since you can contract new strains of HIV.
A latex condom is a great way to reduce the risk of exposure to STDs, but a condom can break. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, use water-based lube instead of petroleum jellies. 

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  1. It really is a shame how our government does not give us enough credit. They may think that not having sex ed would somehow keep our chastity pure, but they are wrong. Especially with how over-sexualized everything in the mainstream is, to make sure the younger generation is protected, they should make sure to have this implemented in their curricula.

    But then again, you would have to have the approval of the 101 religious leaders etc before it would happen and they would not go for it.